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Why Kontomatik is Needed?

While government agencies, airlines, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn all share their collected data with the outside world through APIs, each bank would rather keep data to itself. If this data were more open, perhaps the customer would find out that the banking products he or she owns are not that good.

Thanks to the data supplied by Kontomatik, the world of finance has just got itself a bank API, through which — with the user's consent — you can download financial information about the customer or even perform transaction requests relating to accounts held in other banks.


How Does Kontomatik Work?

There are a few ways to integrate Kontomatik API for Banks. Most commonly our Banking clients tend to choose On Premise type of integration, which is illustrated below. During On Premise integration of Kontomatik, a bank can securely host the application within its own network. This means that a bank may implement highest security measures for such an API and can also achieve the highest degree of reliability.


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Customers often choose unsuitable products because of lack of information. Until now. The service introduced by Kontomatik allows penetration of banking transaction systems, aggregation, analysis and processing of data. And this data is an opportunity for strong growth for banks with attractive products.


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Kontomatik Advantages

Unbreachable Security

Kontomatik is developed with the greatest sense of security in mind. Every latest security practice is integrated in our application.

Online Operations

Our product is ideal for the companies that are looking to bring their operations fully online. Kontomatik lets you do it fast and easy.

Full Customisation

Unlike other Banking API providers, Kontomatik lets you build your financial services the way you want it - customise anything!

Regulatory Compliance

With more and more emphasis placed on PSDII, it is clear that API integration is inevitable. Start with Kontomatik before you have to.

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