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Banking API, PSD 2, XS2A and other terms are heard often in 2016. What do they all stand for? In this article you will get answers to 10 burning questions about banking API technology. Treat it as your survival guide for understanding financial data aggregation.


What is an API?

Nowadays we hear about API as often as never before. Most of the Internet services come with API, but a few of us may still wonder - “what is API?”. API is an abbreviation from Application Programming Interface and if you look up wikipedia, it would define it as protocols and tools that are used to development the software. It would also tell you that API just expresses a component of a program. Is this definition simple enough? We are not convinced. It just isn’t simple enough and this is why Kontomatik is presenting you with an article that will explain ins and outs of API in the language you can understand.