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What Do We Believe In?

Financial industry has always been profit-driven, conservative and very closed. Unlike most of such organizations, the main goal of Kontomatik is to provide the tool for the transformation of the financial industry into something more consumer-centric, beneficial and open for new players, technologies and products.

We understand that changing such an established industry is quite a challenge, this is why we are not solely relying on ourselves, we are developing a product that could be successfully implemented by open-minded organizations throughout the world.

Here at Kontomatik we believe that the financial services should be changed, however this can only happen if the appropriate technology is in place. We craft our software in such a way that it can be adopted by the both, modern FinTech start-ups and the banks with hundreds years of history.

Our Values

Bring in Transparency

A bank is no longer a place where you go, it has already transformed in the activity that you do. With the current technological development and popularity of Internet banking, customers are usually visiting a branch only once - when applying for an account. Yet the banks remain closed and conservative, they do not share their databases and this way it is much harder for the consumers to find the best-matching products.

Kontomatik believes that removing the curtains behind traditional banking is vital for the whole world to make a new step in the transparency of the financial industry.

Security Above All

While there is a strong need for banking API connections, such technology should only be in place if a proper level of security can be supplied. At Kontomatik we value security not only in our product, but also in every aspect of the work we do.

It is only possible to deliver a strongly protected product if every single process is performed with a necessary level of attention. Being a part of digital transformation is important, but supplying a secure environment is the first step in earning the customers' trust.

Full Automation

Our product is designed with automation in mind. We feel everything that can be automated should be automated. There is no reason to spend human efforts on the activities that can be performed better and faster by the machines. This way it is possible to achieve the whole new level of the development not only in the technologies, but in the society as a whole.

Kontomatik is built with a vast degree of automation, once it is launched, it learns and improves itself. With our technology you can expect the updates to come from within.

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