Fintech in 15 visuals

If you’ve set up an online savings account, contributed to a crowdfunding campaign, or even made a purchase through PayPal, you’ve used FinTech to make your life easier. A mash-up of the words “financial” and “technology,” FinTech is the new sector of companies that uses the latest in digital technologies to help people and businesses manage and handle their money.

It’s a surprisingly large field, too — larger than you might think. FinTech isn’t just about checking your bank account online or looking at your credit card statement to see how much you spend on restaurants last month. It’s about lending and investing, financing and infrastructure, and especially security and data. With well over 1000 individual FinTech companies in existence and more being created each year, this is a big sector that’s poised to make a big impact.

Of course, there’s funding to watch and points of origin to keep an eye on. Additionally, it’s all a very young field on top of it all, with the average age of FinTech companies being well under a decade. It’s a lot of information to consider, which is why our friends at have come up with this handy FinTech infographic ( It will give you all the details you need to know about FinTech and about taking care of your money in the 21st Century.fintech infographic

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