Kontomatik Lets You Create a Financial Industry 2.0 on a Global Scale

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Warsaw, Poland: Today, Kontomatik, a leading Polish provider of Banking API and Data Aggregation has confirmed that its technologies are now available in already 7 countries all over the globe. Started developing Banking API for the Polish banks in 2009, Kontomatik now supplies Online Lenders, PFM Apps, Banks and Start-ups with an opportunity to access over 70 banks in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Russia and more countries to come in 2015.

As a part of company's success and acquisition by Kreditech Holding SSL GbmH earlier this year,  Kontomatik has now started offering its technologies beyond the borders of Europe. 

To highlight Kontomatik geographical expansion, Marcin Truszel, Kontomatik CEO has said, “Our goal is to provide top-notch connections to the banks at every possible emerging market, so the financial companies can start relying on the advanced technology when developing their products and bringing their financial services online”

In order to increase the awareness of the Banking API and its benefits, Kontomatik not only plans to simply provide state of the art technologies, but also will focus on the following activities throughout 2015:

  • Development of the local versions of the http://kontomatik.com website
  • Provision of the Banking API consultancy both online and offline
  • Promotion of the Banking API benefits to EU parliament
  • Add a Client-Side integration option, next to the already developed On Premise and SaaS integrations
  • Launch Banking API in Australia and Romania by the end of the year

“Simply entering a certain market with our technology is not our limit. We strive to provide premier solutions to our clients, ranging from legal consultancy to front-end development assistance ”, said Jarek Piotrowski, Business Development Director of Kontomatik.

At the modern age of technology it is easy as never before to scale your business on a global level. While many API developers are trying to capture the largest market share, the main aim of Kontomatik is to go global steadily, so the quality of the technology remains at the supreme level.

About Kontomatik: Kontomatik started as a leading Personal Finance Management application in Poland in 2009. After that, the team’s primary focus has been in the development of the Banking APIs for Poland and other European countries. Some of Kontomatik clients has managed to launch award-winning services using the technology supplied by Kontomatik, this includes Alior Bank and Idea Bank. Earlier in 2015 Kontomatik has been acquired by its key client - Kreditech SSL GmbH. The acquisition has supplied Kontomatik with necessary resources to go beyond Europe with its Banking API services.

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