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What is Kontomatik?

Kontomatik is a state-of-art product designed to change the philosophy behind the traditional banking. With the help of our technology, financial organizations can now transform the industry as we know it and become true innovations. Our team is strongly aimed to work closely with the journalists as we feel that the word about Kontomatik should be spread. If you are interested to cover Kontomatik in media - let us know and we will provide you with the full support.

Below we are listing some useful resources for the press, our library of press releases, logos and photos of our top people. However, we are not just stopping there. If you would like to compose a special story about Kontomatik - get in touch with us and we will supply you with some exclusive content that is tailor-made just for your resource!

Kontomatik Press Releases

Today Kontomatik is happy to announce its expansion to another European Union member state - Italy. This country becomes the 10th geography covered by the Kontomatik Banking API.


Kontomatik has just extended its geographical scope with Portugal. This country becomes the 9th geography covered by the Kontomatik Banking API, next to already existing UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Russia.


Kontomatik announces Financial Health Indicator (FHI), a lightweight solution engine for powerful credit assessment. The tool works in conjunction with Kontomatik Banking API, a connection to more than 100 banks that is already available in 9 countries. Kontomatik Financial Health Indicator is designed to serve small and medium size lending companies, as those often distribute the loans with none or poor credit assessment.


Finovate is one of the largest events for Fintech industries. This February Kontomatik is granted a presenter's slot at this event and our team will demonstrate the capabilities of Kontomatik Sign in Widget at this event. Don't miss a great opportunity to learn more about our technology on 9th and 10th of February at London.


Kontomatik releases Sign in Widget

Lately it is possible to hear quite a lot about financial services industry going mobile. Many headlines are also shading light on PSD2 and its impact on the development of Banking APIs. Sign in Widget by Kontomatik is a perfect solution as it allows a smooth penetration of banking API on the mobile devices, supports multiple languages and multiple countries simultaneously.


Kontomatik banking API is here to open new horizons for your financial organization and set your company ahead in already 7 countries!


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