Meet Kontomatik Team

Find out about the people behind the bank-changing technology

Marcin Truszel, CEO & Founder

Marcin is the main person behind Kontomatik. His project started out as a personal finance management application and has grown into a fully fledged tool to change the world of banking as we know it. Before starting his own company, Marcin has gained a lot of experience as a CTO at Artegence, a leading Polish agency.

Kontomatik Executives

Peter Hiekmann VP Sales

Peter has been in the financial services industry for over 25 years. His experience comes from such companies as Cisco Systems, Fujitsu and more. At Kontomatik, Peter is the one you are most likely to meet at the world's leading fintech conferences, he is the person at customer's front.

Piotr Włodarek Chief Technology Officer

Piotr has been developing software since the mid-1990s. A former programmer at CERN, Piotr now specialises in blockchain technologies for distributed consensus, software craftsmanship and security in the software layer. Piotr leads a talented team of programmers at Kontomatik.

Maia Mekvabishvili Business Development Manager

Maia is a person that is mostly likely to linked in with you. Her core task is to identify the organisations that are most likely to start innovating today and introduce you to our services. Before joining Kontomatik she worked in Human Resources and finances across Europe.

Konstantin Rabin Head of Marketing

Konstantin has been in the marketing of financial products and services since 2010. Coming from a competitive trading industry, Konstantin now assures a great level of Kontomatik presence both online and offline. You are most likely to know Konstantin through banking API content.

Kontomatik Technical Team

Kontomatik is a fintech company and this is why our technical team is the core of the organization. Kontomatik team of developers is always growing. The team is mostly using Java for the development of the best banking API - Kontomatik. Located at the heart of Poland, the team is mostly composed by Poles, yet we are steadily mixing it with other nationalities.

Do You Want to Join Us?

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