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Why Kontomatik is Needed?

Data sharing drives the progress in the current era of technology. Unlike innovative companies as Twitter or Google, banks are remaining conservative and avoid sharing the data with the outside world. Having access to the client’s financial information can be beneficial not only for the competitors of the banks, but for the clients in the first place. This is where Kontomatik comes handy. Our solution lets the whole financial industry to benefit from the banking data.

With the help of Kontomatik banking API, every financial organisations can now obtain the transnational, account and KYC data. This information can be used to speed the loan application process, provide the customer with the offers that are exactly matching his profile or simple to access the credit rating of the applicant. With Kontomatik you can not only satisfy the KYC requirements, but also to understand your client in a new way.

Kontomatik Advantages


Working with financial data requires placing an ultimate importance on security. Our technology is being constantly updated to supply your organization with the stress-free use.


Kontomatik lets your company to adopt the technology and become a true innovator in the financial industry. It uses sophisticated technology to solve complex issues in a simple way.


Our product is designed to make the financial industry more consumer-oriented by introducing the ease of access and transparency into financial products.

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Kontomatik is an ideal solution for Online KYC, Fast Credit Scoring and Contextual Offers. Fill out the form to see Kontomatik in action. A demo page for your company will be supplied together with an explanatory documents. No strings attached.

Who Can Use Kontomatik?


Kontomatik is a perfect product for the banks with attractive products, as it gets access to read-only data that allows your bank to supply potential clients with some great contextual offers.

Online Lenders

Doing business online is all about optimising your processes. Kontomatik lets you improve and speed up the vital parts in the loan issuing process - Know Your Customer procedures and Credit Scoring.

FinTech Devs

With Kontomatik you can properly focus on developing the next best personal finance management application, as we supply you with the top-notch technology. You can base your app on our API safe.