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April 3rd, 2018

Banks of No Innovation

They are big, they are rich, they have resources. Yet many of them just can’t bring anything new to the world of finances they are in, while small startups can. What keeps some banks from innovating? Banking used to be quite a simple thing: take money from the ones who have a surplus of it and …

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July 18th, 2017

Kontomatik Presents at FinDEVr London 2017

This June our team has attended one of the leading European events dedicated to the development of the financial apps – FinDEVr 2017 in London. Previously we have spoken at Finovate and FinDEVr events about banking APIs and their integration, mobile onboarding of the customers, and this time we decided to take a completely different …

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July 27th, 2016

Can Banks Become New Video Stores?

The Digital Era is not only about the entertainment we get streamed straight to our personal devices. It’s also about the way we use other services that once used to be settled in a very analog world of brick-and-mortar offices, with employees being your interface used in real time and face to face. Do you …

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February 12th, 2016

The four Innovations in banking that will make your bank your new best friend

Banking sector certainly seems to lag behind the most recent technological developments. Today we are going to take a look at the four most prominent fields where a bank can start progressing already today. We are living in a truly changing world, in which banks will continue to transition from physical locations to an entire …

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December 8th, 2015

50 Shades of Banking Security

When we used IDs to authenticate ourselves in banks, we were afraid of a situation when someone would steal our ID and take our money. Then bank or ATM cards raised similar fears; the same happened when we went online and started using login credentials. Now, with banking APIs or screen scraping, it’s absolutely OK …

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August 2nd, 2017

What is open banking and how APIs help?

Depending on who you ask, the answer to this question can vary. Banks see it as a way to improve customer satisfaction in an increasingly digital economy. Fintech startups see it as an opportunity to compete in a crowded market. Consumers see it as a more effective way to control their personal finance. All of …

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March 21st, 2017

Top Banking Trends 2017

Innovation in the financial services is certainly a hot topic. It is fueled by ever-growing investments in the fintech sector, outdatedness of the core banking systems and the regulation that requires banks to cater for the new technologies. However, with so many things on a table, it might be challenging to define the top banking …

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June 3rd, 2016

How Online Banks will be Different from Online Banking Systems

Today we will take a look at the main differences between online banks and traditional banks that offer internet banking systems. We are going to analyze the pros and cons of banking online and see how bright the future of banking for customers is going to be. Let’s find out more. Introduction to Online Banks …

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January 7th, 2016

App With The Bank!

Nowadays a mobile banking app has become “the most visited branch” of nearly any bank. This article uncovers a brief history of banking on mobile devices, explains the current trends in the mobility of financial services and recommends the best ways of increasing the conversions within the mobile branch of the bank. Mobile banking is …

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