Kontomatik Insight

Get a powerful dashboard to bring in all of the needed data to the fingertips of your underwriters

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KYC and the most important account data

Cashflow charts

Structured transactional data of the account holder

A detailed list of the most recent transactions

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What is Kontomatik Insight?

It is a zero-integration solution that supplies a detailed overview about each of your applicants in a form of a comfortable dashboard. Based on the dashboard data, an underwriter is able to take better decisions in a faster manner

Know Your Customer data

Verify your customer online by extracting his first and second names, date of birth, and national ID numbers from his online banking


Kontomatik Insight does not require any additional integration to be fully functional for your company. Simply sign up and start using the data

Essentials for underwriters

Getting all of the needed data in one place can substantially improve and speed up the job of your workforce

Lightning fast

Our clients observe a 65% increase in the application processing speed once Kontomatik Insight has been added

Universal tool

Kontomatik Insight is the one stop for all of the underwriter needs. It can replace the majority of the underwriting tools within your organisation

No hidden costs

Get access to essential data sets of the supreme quality at just a fractional of the cost charged by the credit score agencies

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Is Kontomatik Insight the best tool for the underwriting process?

We don't claim to be the best, but....

Our clients are benefiting from how fast the data is passed through the Kontomatik API and how easily it is accessible via the Kontomatik Insight dashboard. We do understand that underwriting process should be as quick as possible, yet the main emphasis should be placed on the quality of the data. ...

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