Interview with Rafał Gibczyński, CEO of SOLVEN and Polozyczka

Recently, we have conducted an interview with Rafał Gibczyński, CEO of SOLVEN & Polozyczka, an award-winning online lending platform. In this interview, you will find out the current status and the future plans of SOLVEN Sp. z o.o. and the secret sauce behind SOLVEN’s success.

Hey there Rafał, could you briefly describe your background and your role in SOLVEN Finance Sp. z o.o.?

I’m the Chief Executive Officer and a co-owner of SOLVEN Finance Sp. z o.o.

Could you tell us more about SOLVEN Finance Sp. z o.o. and its brands?

SOLVEN Finance Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company that grants short-term loans fully online.

We, currently, operate the following two brands:

Both services are fully automated and are accessible only online.

For the moment being, our services are only available in Poland, but we plan to expand to new geophagies this year.

The online lending market seems to be quite saturated in Poland. What makes SOLVEN brands so special?

Well, the Polish marketing is certainly matured, yet it fits our needs perfectly.

Even though the competition is severe, we can certainly stay on top due to the innovative technology.

We are also happy to be launched in Poland as this country seems to lead in the fintech industry.

Speaking of, it seems like it started to grow very fast. How did you come up with an idea of “Disco Polo” themed lending and what are the main contributing factors behind the brand’s success?

Honestly? It is hard for me to understand why financial companies always try positioning themselves so seriously. And sometimes it can actually evoke sad feelings. Why should it be this way?

Music is simple. All of us can relate to, at least, some kind of music.

And I thought that taking a loan should be done in a similar manner.

Many Poles can relate somehow to Disco Polo and its theme is both funny and friendly.

This way we can actually evoke some positive vibes even when a person is experiencing some financial difficulties.

Marketing is certainly important, but the technology is vital. What kind of third party technologies does SOLVEN use to facilitate its lending process?

Nowadays, technology is of a paramount importance. If we invest heavily in great marketing but lack modern technology, we will waste both money and opportunities. This is why we always put the technology in the first place. I’d like to keep some secrets about the 3rd party technologies that we use, but I can assure you that Kontomatik banking API is very important for our core business.

You have started using Kontomatik some time ago. What were the main reasons for selecting exactly this API?

Yes, we have integrated Kontomatik API a while ago.

The first reason for selecting this API was the ease of integration.

Apart from that, it is always important to have a partner that has a similar vision. I always have been a fan of innovation, and I remember the times when Kontomatik started as, a start-up with some great innovative ideas in mind. At SOLVEN we support innovation and we prefer to deal with likeminded companies.

What are the main benefits that the banking API  from Kontomatik delivers?

There are two key benefits.

  1. A large number of supported banks. Kontomatik’s coverage is the widest in Poland, and the quality is superior.
  2. Great customer experience. Unlike other companies, Kontomatik supplies a SignIn Widget, which lets the customers authenticate easily.

Coming back to SOLVEN, are you planning to expand geographically? If so, what are the countries on top of your list?

Definitely yes! We have the knowledge and the resources, we want to conquer the whole lending market.

Which countries? We are going to keep it a secret for now, but look out for the news. We will certainly be releasing updates once we start expanding.

Alright, and speaking of expanding your services, are you planning to go into peer-to-peer loans, business loans or anything other than online consumer lending?

There are many plans, but I am not going to disclose everything. Stay in touch for updates.

Thanks for this! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, I would like to greet the readers of this interview and say a special Hi to the competition 🙂