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Kontomatik releases Sign in Widget

Posted 2015-11-10 by Konstantin Rabin

Konstantin Rabin


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10.11.2015 Warsaw, Poland: Kontomatik announces its Sign in Widget, a lightweight, multilingual and multinational software that could be deployed within less than 3 minutes. Such a widget can be integrated with the bank’s, online lenders, personal finance management app’s website or any other fintech application, and it will result in the increased conversion rates and smoother sign up process.

The widget can certainly be named as the future in the financial data aggregation as it provides ease of access, seamless integration and full compatibility with mobile devices while supplying high-quality KYC, account and transactional data from the bank accounts.

Currently, Kontomatik Sign in Widget already works for two companies, Banknot in Poland and Kreditech brands in Spain. The use of widget has demonstrated improvements in the customer acquisition process. The quality of the technology is supreme, as within two months of the usage it has not shown any anomalies.

It is possible to preview the widget integration process and the type of data it supplies by watching the video below:

While there are certainly a few financial data aggregators, Kontomatik is pioneering in the lightweight solution that can support multiple countries and multiple languages at the same time.

The year of 2015 has shown the larger degree of google searches taking place via mobile devices than desktops and now it is only a matter of time before the product acquisition will move to the mobile devices. Financial products are hard to consume due to a few legal procedures in place. However, it is expected that the use of Kontomatik Sign in Widget will enable more and more innovation in the FinTech companies that are focused on the mobile development.