See the Unseen

User’s banking transactions are, obviously, the best source of the credit scoring data. However, sometimes it may be just too difficult to sort this idea the right way.

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What’s it all about

With Kontomatik Transaction Labeling you can now get the clarity you need. Our solution tags the transactions, and this way you can see the big picture without spending too much time on the small details.

Works on top of Kontomatik API

With Transaction Labelling you may now get the data in a more structured way and use if for your further analysis

Requires no integration

Kontomatik Transaction Labelling can be simply switched on for your in a matter of seconds

Supports multiple labels

Unlike financial categorisation, Transaction Labelling supports multiple labels. This way, numerous labels for a single transaction are set

Permits on-demand labels

Customisation is the key to improving your credit scoring processes. With Transaction Labelling you can now set your own labels for those special transactions

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How is Transaction Labelling better than financial categorization?

Transaction Labelling lets you truly understand the inflows and outflows

With our financial categorisation alternative you may now adopt a much more flexible approach towards the financial behaviour of your clients. You are no longer required to come up with the best-matching category for a certain expense or income, with Transaction Labelling there are no limits to a number of categories the transaction goes into. ...

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