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Our tools let you enrich and structure the data to build a broader financial behavior profile

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Tired of being almost data driven?

We all understand the importance of data when it comes to identifying, analyzing, profiling, and scoring the customer. Yet most of the companies fail to fully make the technologies work for them. Kontomatik tools are here to let you get the most out of financial data.

Know Your Customer Data

Verify your customer online by extracting his first and second names, date of birth, and national ID numbers from his online banking

Financial Transactions

Accessing your customer's financial health is not difficult once you can get the list of his incoming and outgoing transactions

Balance Information

Find out the current financial state of your customer by accessing the balance data from his accounts and offer customised deals

Do you almost get your loans repaid?

Risk management and fraud prevention is the base for a successful online lending process. Kontomatik data is here identify "bad" customers and weed them out from the good ones.  

Is your lending almost digital?

The importance of bringing your products online cannot be underestimated. Kontomatik tools supply you with the most essential data for online KYC, credit assessment, and proper profiling of a customer. 

Are you almost PSD2-ready?

With the recent developments in financial regulation, it is clear that the availability of the banking APIs is inevitable. With Kontomatik you get a chance to get prepared already now. No need to wait until the APIs are released.

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March 6th, 2019

Kontomatik ready to operate in 11 EU countries as an AISP

On 17th of February 2019 The Bank of Lithuania granted a license to Kontomatik UAB to passport its AIS services in 10 countries without the need to open local branches. According to the decision of the Bank of Lithuania, Kontomatik can now provide services in accordance with the PSD2 Directive in Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech …

What you should know about financial APIs

Financial Data Aggregation

Data is at the heart of every business decision you make. Modern accounting software has made internal decisions easy by making private company data accessible at the touch of a button. ...

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What is a Financial Aggregator?

In aggregation, the ultimate goal is to take information from many sources and combine it into a single, easy to use the database. With all of the information grouped into a single source, data processes of all types can be more easily facilitated. ...

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The API: The Heart of an Aggregator

API stands for Application Program Interface. In essence, it’s a connection from one program to another. Kontomatiks API connects to over 120 different banks and has successfully performed nearly 7,000,000 data imports. ...

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Key Features

Financial aggregator sites do more than just take data from one place and deposit it in another. They also assist with categorizing the data. Transaction information can be broken down by certain qualities, such as whether it’s an incoming or outgoing transaction or the dollar amount. ...

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Accessible Data

What kind of information can our aggregator access? Kontomatik connects directly to the clients bank to access three core types of information. In many industries, the first thing to pull will be the know your customer data. This includes their name, birth date, and ID numbers. ...

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How Financial Data Aggregation Software can Streamline Business Processes

Whether you’re a landlord looking for a new tenant or a loan company determining a potential client's suitability, collecting data from your customer is an essential part of the application process. There are many systems in place to verify the data supplied by your customer. ...

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Simple Integration Process

When you make the decision to unlock your businesses potential with a modern aggregation API, the first step is to integrate the system into your existing platform. Kontomatik has been designed from the ground up to be simple to integrate. ...

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Who Needs a Financial Aggregator?

Any business that deals with customers financial data can benefit from aggregation. This technology is being employed in a variety of budding industries, but there are three main sectors that utilize it the most.

Online Lending Companies

In order to determine a customer's eligibility for a loan, lenders need to understand their applicant's financial position. The classic application form requires clients to supply their monthly expenses, income, and personal identification information. ...

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Financial Service Providers

Changes to global banking platforms can have economy-wide implications. This means that every change needs to be carefully thought out to ensure that stakeholders have a chance to adapt. ...

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Fintech Startups

Fintech is a competitive marketplace. Not only do companies need to come up with a unique idea, but they need to ensure that they bring their product to market as quickly as possible. Implementing an existing API cuts development costs and expands compatibility. ...

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Working with client financial data requires security to be the highest priority. By working with an external aggregator, a large part of the security obligation can be offloaded from your company onto the service provider. ...

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Maintaining a Level Playing Field

The financial services industry is changing. Banks no longer have a monopoly on their client’s data. By implementing an aggregation software, your clients can take control of their data and work with external service providers for their financial service needs. ...

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The possibilities are limitless with such a small API and so much information available thanks to it.

The 5 Most Useful APIs in the Financial World

Kontomatik is known for speed among competing solutions because the company does not run a farm of headless browsers and does not run any JavaScript as well as not download any assets.

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